A member of the German Left party asserts that if negotiations between Russia and Ukraine fail, there may be a third world war.

Gregor Gysi, a legislator from the German Left party, said on Friday that diplomacy may end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and that military action against the Russian side could start a third world war.

“Militarily, Russia cannot be defeated, if we try, it will lead to a third world war, we cannot allow it,” Gysi reported to a German publication Spiegel.

Gysi stated that “Ukraine has the right to defense,” however talks between the parties are would be better.

Gysi continued, “It [Ukraine] will not be able to win.”

The discussions between Russia and Ukraine got underway at the end of February when the delegations met in Belarus. The delegations met once again in Istanbul at the end of March. 

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The written proposals from Ukraine for a future peace treaty had been presented, according to the Russian side’s announcement after the conference, which Moscow regarded a positive development. 

Later, Sergey Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, said that in order to stall the talks process, Ukraine had repeatedly provoked and rejected its own ideas.

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