Demands published by Ben and Jerry’s ice cream call on the new Home Secretary to “Scrap the Rwanda plan”.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream was again accused of “virtue signalling” after posting a list of tasks for the new Home Secretary on her first day in office. 

The Unilever-owned company produced a list of demands for Suella Braverman a few minutes after it was revealed that she would replace Priti Patel as Liz Truss’s successor. 

However, the right-leaning media and sections of the public reacted strongly to the thinly disguised criticism of the government. 

In a list issued Tuesday evening, the company urged her to “scrap the Rwanda plan” and “introduce safe routes to the UK for people seeking asylum.” 

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The so-called Rwanda plan was a contentious proposal adopted by Ms Patel during the administration of Boris Johnson to deport illegal migrants to the African nation to seek refuge there. 

It attempted to discourage future migrant crossings of the English Channel, which have been fueled by migrant smugglers who exploit victims for financial gain. 

To date, a judgement from the European Court of Human Rights has blocked any flights from transporting migrants to Rwanda, and the subject is presently being fought at the High Court. 

The government has maintained that the proposal satisfies the requirements of the Refugee Convention, citing legislation enacted under Tony Blair that provides ministers the authority to move people to “safe third countries.” 

Some have questioned the European court’s involvement in the situation, given many of the migrants seem to be undertaking the dangerous journey to the United Kingdom from France, which has its own asylum procedure. 

Aman Bhogal, a Brexit supporter and Conservative activist, recommended that Ms Braverman “take on serious organised crime trafficking illegal economic migrants” and “put boosters on Rwanda plan.” 

Ms Truss and Ms Braverman both endorse the proposal. Approximately 27,000 individuals have crossed the border so far this year, which is close to last year’s number.

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