Braverman unveils new masterplan to scupper illegal migrants – but Lefties furious

SUELLA BRAVERMAN has told Home Office officials she wants to ban all illegal migrants making the trip across the English Channel in small boats as she immediately sets about tacking the huge problem. Story from the Express

She replaced Priti Patel as Home Secretary following a mass Cabinet Office reshuffle from new Prime Minister Liz Truss. Suella Braverman acted quickly and during her inaugural address to departmental staff on Wednesday, she made clear a top priority would be stopping all illegal English Channel crossings.

Predecessor Ms Patel had made ending the arrival of small boats across the Channel a top priority, but struggled to get the crisis under control as at times, the number making the dangerous journey started to grow.

But immigration experts have warned it will be almost impossible to stop illegal migrants in their tracks as long as the UK Government refuses to offer sufficient alternative safe routes to the UK.

In August, 8,000 individuals made the Channel crossing, making it the highest monthly total on record. Last weekend alone, another 45 boats arrived onto UK shores carrying 2,120 asylum seekers.

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The move from Ms Braverman has already sparked fury, with a civil service source telling The Guardian: “Suggesting she can stop all boat crossings is pie in the sky – it doesn’t bode well.”

During her address on Wednesday, the former Attorney General also triggered growing discontent among thousands of Home Office staff by challenging their working practices.

She ordered them to go back to the office – a move mirroring one made previously by Jacob Rees-Mogg – who said they should return to their work desks to ensure government offices are at “full capacity”.

The Guardian reported according to various sources, Ms Braverman told staff she wanted “people turning up and being in the office.

“I’m a big fan of in-person working and team collaboration. I want to see people face-to-face.”

But her intervention has sparked fury at the PCS Union, which represents civil servants including 14,000 Home Office and Border Force staff. Continue reading the full story: Braverman unveils new masterplan to scupper illegal migrants – but Lefties furious

1 thought on “Braverman unveils new masterplan to scupper illegal migrants – but Lefties furious

  1. The obvious way is what should have happened when it first started stop meeting the boats halfway across the channel
    And tell the french if they allow them to cross the shipping lanes they are breaking maritime law by putting them in danger,
    By allowing the to carry on with their journey, under European Maritime safety laws the french navy are putting them at risk
    Allowing them into the shipping lanes and when they pick them up they should be returned, to the french coast,

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