‘Easy solution’ Biden to consider keeping Donald Trump from attending Queen funeral

JOE Biden could decide not to include Donald Trump in the US delegation heading to the UK to attend the Queen’s state funeral next week, CNN anchor Jack Tapper suggested. Story is by the Express

Joe Biden has confirmed he is planning to attend the Queen’s state funeral, which is to be held at 11am on September 19, 2022 at Westminster Abbey.

The US President now faces the challenge of settling on a delegation of US politicians to accompany him, and deciding whether to include his living predecessors in the mix.

CNN anchor Jack Tapper suggested Mr Biden could choose not to issue an invite to Donald Trump but noted it would be a “clever move” to give the 45th President the chance to join in.

Mr Tapper said: “There’s something that is fascinating me which is the notion it is going to be basically left up to President Biden as to whether brings other presidents to the Queen’s funeral.

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“The UK has made it very clear that’s up to the President, he’s invited and he can bring whatever delegation.

“So, obviously, Obama, Carter, Buch, no brainers. What about Trump? Will he invite Trump? I think the clever move is to invite him and see if he goes.

“I don’t think former President Trump would want to be subordinate on Air Force One and he prefers his own plane anyway.”

Chief National Affairs Correspondent Jeff Zeleny said Mr Biden is now faced with a protocol and diplomacy issue on whether to bring Mr Trump along to London.

Mr Zeleny said: “We’ll see. That is a difficult question of protocol, of diplomacy.

“But I’m told by a couple of diplomatic officials Buckingham Palace is leaving it to every country individually.

“In this case, it would be an easy solution if Trump wasn’t in the picture. President Obama, when he was in office, he invited President Bush, President Clinton, President Carter to go to Nelson Mandela’s funeral as part of the delegation.

“So there is protocol for US presidents to invite other presidents. Who knows, maybe, in the spirit of forgiving and giving, President Biden will invite Donald Trump on Air Force One.

“I doubt it will happen but I expect some kind of bipartisan delegation. The White House is saying, ‘we’re not saying anything about this until the Palace makes funeral arrangements.” Continue reading the story in full: ‘Easy solution’ Biden to consider keeping Donald Trump from attending Queen funeral

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