Cruel parents jailed after torturing their five-year-old girl

Two sadistic parents who tortured a five-year-old girl by leaving her in an ice-cold bath until ‘death was just minutes away’ have each been jailed for more than three years. Story by the DailyMail

The child’s mother Georgia Newman, 29, and stepfather Jordan Michael Kilkenny, 29, inflicted the cruel punishment for up to three hours for misbehaving, a Leeds Crown Court heard.

When the child eventually passed out, the panicked duo thought only of themselves as they delayed calling an ambulance by 30 to 45 minutes and tried to warm her up themselves, the court was told. 

When the paramedics got to the property in Leeds, West Yorkshire, the young girl was described as unconscious, blue in appearance and frothing at the mouth.

Newman and Kilkenny both admitted cruelty on a basis that they had tried to get her out of the bath, but claimed the youngster had refused.

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Newman was jailed for three years and six months while Kilkenny received three years and four months.

The child had also suffered a seizure and was put on a ventilator while doctors predicted she would not survive.

They used a ‘Bair Hugger’ heated blanket to raise her temperature, and even a bladder wash to push warm fluid through her body, prosecutors said.

The paramedic could also not straighten out her body because she was so stiff from the cold, prosecutor Richard Woolfall told the court.

The child’s core body temperature had plummeted to 25ºc – around 12º less than normal.

One medical expert even said it was similar to someone who had been ‘floating in the North Sea’ and had never known anyone survive from such extreme hypothermia.

But against the odds, the youngster made a full recovery and now lives with her biological father. Continue reading the full story: Cruel parents jailed after torturing their five-year-old girl

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