Farage hails Trump poll lead and says ‘western civilisation is at stake’ in midterm race

Nigel Farage has claimed that the “survival of western civilisation” could be at stake in the next US election as exclusive polling for Express.co.uk has revealed that Donald Trump is heading for a dramatic comeback. Story by the Express

Mr Farage is a close friend and ally of the former US President who is understood to be in the process of preparing a new bid for the White House. But polling of 1,500 likely voters by the by the Washington DC based Democracy Institute has revealed that former President Trump is ahead of a list of potential contenders in 2024.

According to the polling if the Presidential election now Mr Trump would win by five points 48 percent to 43 percent over Joe Biden. The margin is even bigger against Vice President Kamala Harris who would lose to Trump by 10 points – 49 percent to 39 percent.

A rerun of the 2016 election would see Trump win by 49 percent to 41 percent against Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, a wild card candidacy by the Duchess of Sussex would see her lost to Trump by 49 percent to 40 percent.

Mr Farage welcomed the results saying he believed that Donald Trump is the only leading politician who understands what is at stake.

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He said: “This is now about the future of western civilisation. Do we believe in a Judeo Christian culture? Do we believe that the family is a unit for good? Do we believe in free speech? Do we believe in polarity of opinions? Do we believe our countries are good countries, our histories have shaped us and made us what we are, are we ashamed of our forebears, are we ashamed of who we are? This is how high the stakes are.

“If America falls the entirety of the west falls. We have witnessed literally the march of Marxism through the educational establishment, through much else and they are intent on destroying society.

“If you are telling eight year old boys who are white they are guilty and eight year old boys who are black they are victims, if you think that is going to lead to a happy society then you have a different view to me of the world. I’m really worried about it and that’s why I think Trump is terribly important.” Continue reading the full story: Farage hails Trump poll lead and says ‘western civilisation is at stake’ in midterm race

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