GB News: Farage praises new King’s emotion and dignity – ‘Wears his heart on his sleeve’

King Charles III has been making preparations for the Queen’s funeral, which is due to take place next Monday September 19. Story by the Express

GB News presenter Nigel Farage has heaped praise on the new King for his dignified approach and humanity following the passing of this mother Queen Elizabeth II last week.

Despite having criticised Charles in the past, the former UKIP leader told Dan Wootton that the monarch had been “brilliant” during his public appearances, which included leading the coffin procession as the Queen’s body was taken back to London.

Since her passing at Balmoral last Thursday, Her Majesty’s coffin has travelled to Edinburgh to the Palace of Holyroodhouse before a thanksgiving service for her life at St Giles Cathedral.

The coffin has now arrived at Buckingham Palace but it will move to Westminster Hall on Wednesday for four days of lying in state before the funeral.

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Mr Farage said: “You can see the distress that he’s under, he’s an emotional man, he wears his heart on his sleeve.

“There he is at Buckingham Palace, at the head of the Royal Family, receiving his mother’s body back through those gates at Buckingham Palace for the last time.

“The hours he’s worked, the effort he’s putting in, the dignity that he’s showing, but there’s also a great humanity about the way he’s doing this.

“Every one of us who’s even got a little bit of a heart can see he is distressed, he is upset, but he’s going about this, he’s carrying out his duty in full public glare.

“Can anyone watching this programme or listening to it right now say that they would be equal to that?” Continue reading the full story: GB News: Farage praises new King’s emotion and dignity – ‘Wears his heart on his sleeve’

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