Labour outrage as event demanding end of monarchy to take place days after Queen’s funeral

Labour for a Republic will hold a fringe meeting at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool. Story by the Express

Anti-monarchists will go ahead with an event demanding a republic at next week’s annual Labour Party conference, just days after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Sir Keir Starmer’s party were accused of being “crass” by allowing the fringe meeting, which is not directly organised by the party, to continue to take place while the Royal Family is still in a period of mourning.

The public “Labour for a republic” meeting is listed as being one of the “feature” events taking place at the party conference in Liverpool on Saturday 24.

The event was organised months ago, but the group has sparked anger by deciding to go ahead with it in spite of the Queen’s death.

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Last night the group confirmed the meeting would still take place as it urged people to “join the discussion”.

Newspaper columnist Polly Toynbee is listed as one of the guest speakers along with Liverpool University law lecturer Dr Adam Tucker, and activist Paul Richards.

Sir John Hayes, a senior Conservative MP and a member of the Privy Council of advisors to the monarch, told it was “crass for the event to still be taking place as originally planned”.

He added: “There is a small minority who do not share my own view, and the widespread love across the country, for the monarchy.

“They are entitled to that unusual view but there is a question of good taste and appropriateness.

“It is neither in good taste nor appropriate to hold this event at a time when the Royal Family and the country are mourning the loss of the Queen.

“Even the most vehement republicans have acknowledged she was a remarkable servant to the British people.”

The Labour Party’s conference programme says it is “not responsible for the content of fringe meetings”. Continue reading: Labour outrage as event demanding end of monarchy to take place days after Queen’s funeral

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