European Parliament slams Hungary as an ‘electoral autocracy’

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted on Thursday to condemn Hungary’s slide into authoritarianism, brandishing the state under right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban as an “electoral autocracy.” Story by DW

A press release from the European Parliament stated that “Hungary can no longer be considered a full democracy.”

MEPs voted overwhelmingly in favor of the report — 433 votes for versus 123 against — that said a lack of response from the EU has allowed Hungary to adopt a “hybrid regime of electoral autocracy.”

The motion is not binding, but it called on the EU to take decisive steps to reverse the “deliberate and systematic efforts of the Hungarian government” to undermine democracy and fundamental rights.

In the face of an onslaught against what the EU considers its fundamental values, MEPs called on the Commission to use all tools at its disposal.

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The report urged the Commission to withhold funds for Hungary’s recovery plans until it has complied with EU recommendations and implemented judgments from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the European Court of Justice(ECJ).

It insisted on the exclusion of Hungary from funding programs where EU money has been misused or directed to breaches of the rule of law.

It also called for a stricter application of regulations on the misuse of EU funds for political ends. Continue reading: European Parliament slams Hungary as an ‘electoral autocracy’

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