Truss set for crunch Brexit meeting with Biden tomorrow as she puts firm foot down

Liz Truss and Joe Biden are unlikely to see eye-to-eye when it comes to Northern Ireland, given the US President’s Irish roots – but they will need to try to find common ground on Sunday. Source: Truss set for crunch Brexit meeting with Biden tomorrow as she puts firm foot down

FULL STORY – Given the US President’s Irish heritage, Liz Truss and Joe Biden are unlikely to have the same perspective on Northern Ireland, but they will need to make an effort on Sunday to find some common ground.

When Liz Truss has her first meeting with the US President since taking office as prime minister last week, Brexit is certain to be on the agenda. The new occupant of Number 10 is expected to launch a flurry of action this week in an effort to establish her influence over her new Government.

Tomorrow, Ms Truss will visit Mr Biden in Number 10 together with the leaders of Poland, Ireland, and Canada, including  Justin Trudeau, Michael Martin, and Andrzej Duda.

Ms Truss had previously met Mr Biden as the former Foreign Secretary; however, this will be their first face-to-face meeting since she took over for Boris Johnson.

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The two global leaders will undoubtedly talk about the consequences of Britain’s exit from the EU, particularly the contentious issue of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The White House announced in a statement during a phone call last week that they had talked about “the importance of reaching a negotiated agreement with the EU on the Northern Ireland protocol”.

The protocol’s goal is to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland, but others believe that instead, a border has developed across the Irish Sea. Ms Truss had already received a warning from Mr Biden not to use Article 16 and suspend the Protocol.

He said that doing so would jeopardise the historic Good Friday Agreement of 1998, which is largely seen as having put an end to the so-called Troubles.

Ms Truss unveiled her Northern Ireland Bill earlier this year in an effort to “fixing” the continuing issues. Mr Biden has said that any trade agreement between the US and the UK may depend on Ms Truss’s response to the problem.

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