President Joe Biden’s climate envoy expressed hope to the BBC that King Charles will continue his efforts to combat climate change.

The climate envoy for President Biden told the BBC that he hopes King Charles would continue his efforts to combat global warming.

In an interview with Laura Kuenssberg on Sunday, John Kerry said that he would welcome the King’s participation because he “has the ability… to leverage the kind of action we need now on a global basis.”

He said that the king had “indicated” that he intended to continue to be passionate about the environment in the “appropriate way.” 

Kerry also expressed his hope that the King will attend the next UN climate meeting.

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Speaking from the US, the former secretary of state revealed to Laura Kuenssberg that the meeting with the then-Prince of Wales to address the climate crisis was postponed because of the Queen’s passing.

However, Mr Kerry expressed his great optimism that the King would keep promoting the case for drastic measures to combat climate change “within the constitutional process.”

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