As the German President recounts his previous meetings with the Queen, King Charles III is anticipated to visit Germany.

After the Queen’s funeral, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier made a statement to the German press.

King Charles is anticipated to visit Germany soon. According to President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the king informed him that he would be paying a visit “soon.”

Following the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II, President Steinmeier spoke on ZDF television and stated: “I am confident that he will not only remain interested in Germany, but will also underline this interest with a visit.”

The President continued to say: “When we spoke on the phone last week and I offered the sympathy of the Germans after the death of his mother, I referred to his many visits to Germany and, of course, also said that we would like to see him in his new function (…) in Germany as well.

“Last night, when we met at the reception, he immediately referred to this conversation and said he would make an effort to come.”

Mr Steinmeier attended a gathering at Buckingham Palace on Sunday night when he was in the UK for the Queen’s burial. The King has reportedly spoken German in public and is a huge supporter of Germany.

The sovereign has not yet been to Germany as the King, despite making 30 trips there while still the Prince of Wales. According to a German news source, it is “often underestimated how much he has done for German-British relations”.

Mr Steinmeier, who attended yesterday’s funeral at Westminster Abbey, remarked how moving it was. He added: “I have the impression that it was exactly what people wanted.”

The late Queen made four formal state visits to Germany since 1990, and the German President has previously visited the Queen. Between 1965 and 1987, Queen Elizabeth II made three trips to West Germany.

He told the media that the queen was “much less stiff” than he had expected, which made it easy to talk to her. As Mr Steinmeier recounted, the Queen made her first state visit to the Federal Republic of Germany. The Queen did a lot to help the two former enemies from the Second World War get together again.

The President said: “There were still sceptics who, during this state visit in 1965, were of the opinion that this was actually too early.”

The last time King Charles and his wife Camilla visited Germany was in 2019, when they travelled to Berlin, Leipzig, and Munich. Camilla is now Queen Consort.

The royal couple also went to many cultural events and met with political leaders from the area. At the Berlin presidential Bellevue Palace, Charles had a meeting with the German leader. 

The night before the Queen’s funeral, they were reunited at a state event where many politicians from around the world were present.

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