Lee Anderson Speaks to Mike Graham on Talk TV

VIDEO – “They need sending straight back” Tory MP wants the new Government to get tough on illegal migrants crossing the Channel.

The top story on the UK political agenda as UK politics picks up after the burial of Queen Elizabeth III is why the UK government is giving the Ukraine billions of pounds so that it can protect its borders but leaving the UK’s southern border along the Channel wide open so that economic migrant “chancers” can enter the UK illegally.


Mike Graham of Talk TV asked Tory MP Lee Anderson why the UK government is giving money to Ukraine to secure its borders from Russia while our southern border is being invaded by undocumented illegal migrants.

Lee Anderson answered: “You know my position on this, the legal crossings, I’m absolutely sick to the back teeth of this. I did raise it after I spoke to you a few weeks ago on this channel in the House of Commons to the then previous Home Secretary.”

“I’m fed up to the back teeth.”

“Look, my solution is simple, I’m not in government, but if I was, I’d just put them on a boat and send them straight back. And if it means a stand off with France, then so be it.”

“I think the country as a whole would get behind the government that took that sort of stance, but we don’t do that.”

Mr Anderson continued to say: “This current crisis is £5-£6 million pound a day. It costs to house illegals. And let’s be honest, Mike, they’re not genuine asylum seekers because they’re chancers, they’re economic migrants. You know, whatever they are, they need sending straight back.”

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