“We would never jump the queue” Holly Willoughby defends herself after being accused of using her celebrity status to queue jump to see the Queen in rest.

The anchor of This Morning, Holly Willoughby, today posted a video statement which was placed on the Telegraph YouTube channel in which she denied the charges of queue jumping and said she was there to view the Queen’s coffin as a journalist for ITV.

While many people believe that this scandal is a minor matter, ITV’s explanation for why Holly and Phil from This Morning bypassed the line has raised more questions. One of the questions is straightforward. Where is the footage if the presenters of the programme were there to shoot a video?

The only thing that has been made public thus far is a voice-over clip that ITV produced in which Holly explains why she was there before the two presenters had a conversation about their reactions to the event outside. Nothing more has yet been published.

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