‘Needs to understand’: Brexiteer demands Biden open his eyes to hated Brexit deal

John Redwood has spoken of the importance of unity and protecting peace in Northern Ireland ahead of a crucial meeting between Liz Truss and Joe Biden. Express: ‘Needs to understand’: Brexiteer demands Biden open his eyes to hated Brexit deal

Prior to an important meeting between Liz Truss and Joe Biden, John Redwood stressed the need to maintain peace and unity in Northern Ireland.

The champion of Brexit has urged Joe Biden to admit the shortcomings of the Northern Ireland Protocol and called for the continuation of the Good Friday Agreement, which he claims is supported by both the US President and the UK. When they meet today, Mr Biden will reportedly inform PM Liz Truss that she must cooperate with the EU to arrive at a negotiated resolution on the protocol.

The Northern Ireland (NI) Protocol has emerged as a sensitive matter in post-Brexit discussions with the EU, and during her time as foreign secretary, Ms  Truss threatened to unilaterally tear up portions of the agreement.

John Redwood, a Tory MP, called for cooperation between Ms Truss and Mr Biden, saying that the US president must realise how the NI Protocol threatens the Good Friday Agreement, which he and the UK support. He needs to respect the UK’s internal market and assist us in reestablishing commerce between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

In order to uphold the conditions of the very delicate Good Friday Agreement, the NI Protocol operates by enabling products to pass freely across the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. However, there are still inspections of imported goods into Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom, essentially establishing an internal border in the Irish Sea.

Before enacting this border as part of his Brexit agreement in 2020, Boris Johnson made a guarantee to voters that it would only happen “over [his] dead body.” During his discussion with Ms Truss, Mr Biden would address the process “in some detail,” according to US national security advisor Jake Sullivan.

The president, according to him, “will encourage the UK and the EU to work out an effective outcome that ensures there is no threat to the fundamental principles of the Good Friday Agreement,”

And he will talk to her about it in more depth, Mr Sullivan said.

According to Mr Sullivan, Mr Biden will “communicate his strong view that the Good Friday Agreement-which is the touchstone of peace and stability in Northern Ireland-must be protected. And we must collectively take steps-the US, the UK, the parties in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland-to ensure that it is protected.”

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