Channel crossings to the UK in 2022 pass 30,000

Some 667 people were detected on Wednesday, taking the provisional total for 2022 to 30,515. This is higher than the figure for the whole of 2021, when 28,561 crossings were recorded. Further crossings have taken place on Thursday, with children and a heavily pregnant women among the likely arrivals. Evening Standard: Channel crossings to the UK in 2022 pass 30,000

On Wednesday, 667 individuals were brought to Britain, bringing the total provisional figure for 2022 to 30,515.

This number is greater than the total number of crossings that were reported for 2021, which was 28,561.

More crossings have already taken place today, including children and a heavily pregnant woman. This month has already had 5,475 crossings, including 1,160 on September 4.

This came barely shy of August 22’s 1,295 total, which stands as the greatest single day total ever.

It has been more than five months since Priti Patel, the previous home secretary, revealed plans to send migrants to Rwanda in an effort to prevent individuals from attempting the Channel crossing. 25,247 migrants have crossed the Channel since that time and landed in the UK.

On April 14, Ms Patel signed an arrangement with Rwanda that she called a “world-first,” in which the East African nation would accept immigrants who were regarded by the UK to have come “illegally” and were therefore ineligible under new immigration laws.

However, despite being scheduled to depart on June 14, the first deportation flight was grounded owing to legal issues.

In court battles with the Home Office, a number of asylum seekers, the Public and Commercial Services Union, and the NGOs Care4Calais, Detention Action, and Asylum Aid are contesting the legitimacy of the programme.

After crossing congested maritime routes, an increasing number of individuals are now sailing from France to the UK on tiny boats.

According to recorded data, 299 cases were found in 2018, 1,843 in 2019, and 8,466 in 2020.

At least 120,441 refugees entered Europe last year across the Mediterranean by land and water, according to data from the UN agency for refugees.

According to the MoD, the data is derived from “live operational systems” and is susceptible to modification, including “reduction.”

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