‘Will not be tolerated’ Foreign Secretary to condemn Vladimir Putin at United Nations

Foreign ministers from all around the world will gather at the United Nations on Thursday to address Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This week’s United Nations General Assembly is taking place in New York, and Mr Cleverly is travelling there for the first time in his capacity as Foreign Secretary.

Mr Cleverly is expected to address Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during his speech on pursuing justice for wartime victims at the Security Council meeting, and to commit to working with allies to hold Russia accountable for any wrongdoings.

Apparently, Mr Cleverly will state: “Ukrainians’ resilience and spirit of defiance, in defence of their country, continues to inspire all free people and nations.”

“But every day, the devastating consequences of Russia’s invasion become more clear and evidence of Russian atrocities continues to mount.”

“We can and must make clear to President Putin that his attacks on the sovereign will of the Ukrainian people—so clearly expressed as they fight for their homes—must stop.”

“His assaults on the UN charter and international norms that protect us will not be tolerated, and that he must withdraw from Ukraine to enable a return to regional and global stability.”

This week, the UK Foreign Secretary also met with Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, to speak about their “unwavering, long-term support” of Ukraine.

According to a Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office official, the two also discussed “maintaining unity with partners to ensure Putin fails in his illegal war.” 

According to a spokesperson, Mr Cleverly also had meetings on Wednesday with the foreign ministers of Poland and the Ukraine to discuss joint efforts to “counter Russian aggression.”

The spokesperson said: “[Mr Cleverly] stressed that UK support to Ukraine is steadfast and that we will continue to work with Poland in assisting the Ukrainians’ fight for freedom.”

The foreign secretary is also anticipated to reveal on Thursday that Russia intends to influence the outcomes of the Russian referendums that will take place on Friday in territory that the Russians have annexed.

Referendums on whether the four areas of Ukraine—Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson—should join Russia will be held by leaders supported by Russia.

Russia conducted a similar referendum in Crimea in 2014 after occupying the area, which was denounced at the time for violating international law and Ukraine’s constitution by holding the vote while under military occupation.

The ballots were a “blatant sham designed to seize Ukraine’s land,” according to Mr Cleverly, who also opposed the referendums on the international stage. 

“We will never recognise the results of any sham referendums or attempts to annex Ukraine’s sovereign territory.”

On Thursday, the United Nations will hold a meeting in which foreign ministers from around the world will discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine . Members of the UK Government are in New York this week as part of the United Nations General Assembly, and it is Mr Cleverly’s first trip abroad as Foreign Secretary. Source: ‘Will not be tolerated’ Foreign Secretary to condemn Vladimir Putin at United Nations



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