Each year, Albanian criminals sneak millions of pounds out of the UK.

Each year, Albanian criminals sneak millions of pounds out of the UK.

Sources tell GB News that several different businesses are often used to launder money but the majority of criminal funds are carried back to Albania by handAlbanian criminal gangs are on the rise in the UK and shipping hundreds of millions of pounds in criminal proceeds back to Albania every year.

In recent seizures, £300,000 was found in luggage at a UK airport, bound for the Albanian capital Tirana.

In another incident Border officers found £500,000 hidden in a van at a UK port.

In recent years, Albanian criminals have taken over much of the trade in cannabis from Vietnamese crime groups.

But in almost every part of the country, Albanians are the dominant group involved in cannabis cultivation.

WikiCommonsSources said that the trade in cannabis was largely self-contained amongst Albanian criminals here, with less control from crime bosses in their home country.

But the cocaine trade is largely overseen by crime lords back in Albania.
Across the UK, there has been a number of recent arrests of Albanians suspected of involvement in cross-Channel people smuggling.

GB News has been told that many Albanians arriving in the UK by small boat are coming under the instruction of the criminal gangs and a large proportion will end up working for those crime networks.

Recent figures revealed that around 60 percent of those arriving by small boat had come from Albania.

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Source: Albanian criminals carry hundreds of millions of pounds out of UK each year

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