Keith Bays asserts that Keir Starmer will NEVER win the next election.

Keith Bays asserts that Keir Starmer will NEVER win the next election.

That inescapable mathematics means Labour need an enormous swing of up to nine points to provide the party with the seats needed to regain power.
It’s a major headache for Sir Keir Starmer.

A swing of that size hasn’t been seen since Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979, when she defeated James Callaghan.

Their recent performance in the opinion polls is more down to the self-harm inflicted by the Conservatives rather than Starmer leading the way with a policy platform to improve the lives of average Brits.

Labour also has the very real problem of the unions, a thorn in the side of many a party leader in the past and this will be no different for Sir Keir.

The party needs to fill its coffers with money from the trade union barons if it is to have the cash to fight a successful general election campaign, but at the same time it can’t appear to be at the mercy of the hard-left, which would turn off middle Britain, and lose them the votes they need to have a chance of a clear majority.

With yet more strikes planned by train drivers, postal workers and nurses, Labour needs to very quickly put its political capital where its mouth is, and either show solidarity with it’s base by allowing MPs to attend picket lines or declare that they don’t support the strikes.

Are we about to see Sir Keir and Labour repeat Neil Kinnock’s mistakes of 1992 all over again? The jury’s is very much out.

* Keith Bays is an Assistant Producer at GB News

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Source: Keir Starmer will NEVER win the next election, says Keith Bays

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