Rishi and his senior staff are accused by a Brexiteer of aiding the "surrender”of “Northern Ireland to the EU."

Rishi and his senior staff are accused by a Brexiteer of aiding the “surrender”of “Northern Ireland to the EU.”

A leading Brexiteer has accused members of Rishi Sunak’s Government of aiding the “surrender” of Northern Ireland to the European Union.
Ministers have also been scolded for backing Irish nationalists over the impasse at Stormont.

Northern Ireland’s parliament has not functioned since February, with the pro-Brexit Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) blocking the formation of the ruling executive due to concerns over the NI Protocol.

UK Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris had threatened to call an assembly election should power-sharing not have been restored by the end of October.

Beyond disputes over the reforming of Stormont, Mr Habib lamented the “surrender” of Northern Ireland to Brussels thanks, largely, to the Protocol.

Mr Habib said: “When this period of British history is related, the surrender of Northern Ireland to the EU without a single shot being fired, will be written up as an act of utter constitutional vandalism.”

The Government is continuing to work towards a negotiated settlement with the EU on the Protocol, with more talks expected soon.

Mr Heaton-Harris also this morning said he will name a date for an Assembly election in the coming months, with a statement in Parliament due next week.

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Source: Brexiteer accuses Rishi and his top team of aiding ‘surrender Northern Ireland to EU’

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