Dr David Bull slams the BBC, saying they "breached" the "public contract," after sidestepping their own impartiality pledge.

Dr David Bull slams the BBC, saying they “breached” the “public contract,” after sidestepping their own impartiality pledge.

BBC bosses are “shooting themselves in the foot” by continuing to demand that people pay the licence few while failing to maintain their pledge to impartiality, according to talk show presenter Dr David Bull.

Dr Bull invited Defund the BBC campaigner Rebecca Ryan on air to discuss the licence fee in the wake of presenter Martine Croxall’s return to presenting after 12 days off-air.

The broadcaster had been taken off TV following an episode of The Papers on October 23 after she made “several remarks and reactions” which suggested a bias over Boris Johnson’s decision to pull out of the Conservative leadership contest.

Ms Ryan suggested the BBC had “breached the contract” with the public when they failed to deliver on a hard reprimand for the presenter.

Returning to presenting BBC News on Friday, Ms Croxall failed to acknowledge her absence, opening the programme simply saying, “This is BBC news, I’m Martine Croxall, the headlines at 11am.

The accusations of bias came during her introduction to the Sunday night edition of The Papers, in which members of the press and experts look at how the main stories of the day were covered, where Croxall said: “Well this is all very exciting, isn’t it?”

The episode also saw Croxall suggest that her comments could have breached BBC guidelines.

Former culture secretary Nadine Dorries said on Twitter: “This lack of impartiality demonstrates how deep-seated the bias is.”

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Source: BBC ‘shooting themselves in foot’ with TV licence demands as they ‘breach public contract’

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