Given the domestic turmoil, Rishi Sunak has been encouraged to not splash the cash at Cop27.

The United Nations Cop27 summit begins today in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El Sheikh and will run until November 18.

Rishi Sunak has been warned it will be difficult to “splash the cash” on climate change projects at Cop27 given the financial turmoil facing Britons.

Deputy political editor of HuffPost UK, Sophie Sleigh told GB News she believed there were going to be “huge spending cuts and tax rises” in the upcoming autumn budget to be announced in November, so for Mr Sunak to donate significant sums of cash to projects external to the UK would be a “hard sell”.

As well as the cost of living crisis, the new Prime Minister’s intray includes a spiralling migrant crisis, with the Government spending around £6 million a day on housing asylum seekers, according to the Home Office, and Mr Sunak is believed to be using the climate conference to broker a deal with France over a solution.

“It sounds like it is going to be huge, huge spending cuts and tax rises.”

Mr Sunak was initially going to avoid the negotiations, citing “pressing domestic commitments”, such as the upcoming budget, but public pressure and predecessor Boris Johnson’s plans to attend the climate conference changed his mind.

It appears that the Downing Street incumbent has other focuses at Cop27 unrelated to the environment, having told The Sun newspaper his “key priority” at the conference was resolving the crisis of small boats crossing the Channel.

He is expected to raise the migrant crisis with his French counterpart when the two meet for the first time in Egypt on Monday.

According to the paper, Britain and France are “close” to allowing Border Force staff on the beaches, with the PM insisting he will continue to push for a deal with Emmanuel Macron.

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