Labour demands YOUR cash is sent abroad to pay for ‘climate change reparations’

Labour MP Ed Miliband has called on Britain to acknowledge its “historical responsibility” and send cash to countries affected by climate change.

The former leader of the party proclaimed it is “morally right” to help countries such as Pakistan and the Maldives who have been ravaged by flood damage.

But his comments have been met with widespread criticism from Conservative MPs.

Craig Mackinlay, founder of the Net Zero Scrutiny Group told the Daily Mail: “Labour have let the cat out of the bag here as to their plans to give untold billions to countries on the premise that there is climate damage being done.

“How on earth we could be held responsible for our past, which actually gave more technological advances to the world than any other country, I find somewhat laughable.”

The row comes as Rishi Sunak travelled to Egypt for the Cop27 conference, where he will meet with other world leaders to discuss the global strategy on facing up to climate change.

Britain is set to face demands for “environmental reparations” at the conference.

A Labour spokesman told the Daily Mail that the party’s former leader had been discussing overseas aid spending, as Labour do not have an official stance on reparations.

He said: “Like the UK Government, we support the addition of loss and damage to the agenda for Cop27 for world leaders to discuss.

“Labour would return UK development spending to 0.7 per cent of GDP to ensure that we can strengthen our energy security here at home by bolstering energy security abroad.”

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Source: Labour demands YOUR cash is sent abroad to pay for ‘climate change reparations’

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