Sturgeon outlines plans to distribute millions of pounds in climate reparations from UK taxpayers.

The Scottish First Minister made the announcement at COP27 in Egypt.
Nicola Sturgeon today pledged to send millions of pounds of UK taxpayer money overseas as part of climate reparations.

The Scottish First Minister said a further £5million pounds of “loss and damage” payments would be sent to communities most impacted by rising global temperatures.

She said the money was an “important message” about the need for rich countries to compensate developing countries suffering from climate disasters.

At this year’s COP27 there has been increased pressure on countries to commit to giving money to poorer countries.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak even agreed to consider the payments as part of a last-minute deal struck at the weekend.

Speaking this morning, Ms Sturgeon said there was a need for a “sense of progress” in tackling climate change.

Ms Sturgeon said that the world was failing to meet its 1.5C upper target for temperature rises.

“The world is on a path much closer to 2.5C – we need to be honest about that,” she said.

The SNP leader said the inability to deliver the promise of $100billion annually to developing countries in climate financing as agreed at COP15 in Copenhagen in 2009 had eroded trust in developing nations.

Ms Sturgeon’s commitment to more money comes just 24 hours after former PM Boris Johnson rejected demands for reparations to be paid.

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Source: Sturgeon announces plans to hand out millions of UK taxpayer money in climate reparations

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