"Firmer line": Suella Braverman slams police for failing to stop eco mob

“Firmer line”: Suella Braverman slams police for failing to stop eco mob

The Home Secretary warned officers they must take a “firmer line” to clamp down on environmental protesters blocking highways and vandalising public buildings.

Calling for more “common sense policing”, she blasted forces for being too soft on activists.

Sir Mark Rowley, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, denied that police were too soft and said that “we have gone as fast as we think we can do”.

At least one Just Stop Oil activist attached himself to a gantry with a bicycle D-lock around his neck.

Stretches of the M25 in London, Surrey, Essex, Kent and Herts were again disrupted by the protests.

According to Just Stop Oil, its supporters have been arrested more than 2,000 times since its campaign began on April 1, and 15 are currently in prison.

Seven alleged ringleaders of the Just Stop Oil protests on the M25 were in custody last night.

The group included former dentist and part-time priest Tim Hewes plus organic farmer Roger Hallam, who lives in a £1million London flat.

The seven were remanded in custody at London’s Westminster Magistrates Court, charged with plotting to cause a public nuisance.

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