According to GB News, up to 6,000 migrants are waiting to cross the Channel on tiny boats from France.

According to GB News, up to 6,000 migrants are waiting to cross the Channel on tiny boats from France.

GB News has seen evidence of up 6,000 migrants waiting near the Channel coast in north west France, as UK authorities brace for a surge in small boat crossings this weekend.

Our producer filmed multiple makeshift camps around Dunkirk, where he saw thousands of migrants in tents and at charity run feeding stations.

GB News as been told that UK authorities and maritime agencies are preparing for “significant surge” in migrant crossings this weekend, after bad weather halted Channel arrivals for almost a fortnight.

Sources said Kurdish gang masters, in league with Albanian organised crime groups are planning a “mass launch” of small boats from French beaches when weather conditions improve early on Saturday morning.

It will be the first large scale arrival of small boats since the weekend of October 29 and 30, when 14,058 people arrived in 32 small boats.

At one point, around 4,000 people were being housed at Manston, near Ramsgate in Kent, in a facility only designed to process a maximum of 1,500 at a time.

Some of those at Manston had reported being at the former RAF base for up to a month. The independent Chief Inspector of Borders David Neal said he was left “speechless” by the poor conditions at the facility when he visited recently.

The poor weather in the Channel has given the Home Office badly needed space to reduce the numbers at Manston to below 1,000.However, the next few days will be a crucial test of whether Border officials now have more robust processes in place to deal with the expected new surge in arrivals.

UK authorities, led by the National Crime Agency, have arrested dozens of people, including Albanians in recent months, as they attempt to dismantle cross-Channel people smuggling operations.

Home Office figures show more than 12,000 Albanians have reached the UK in small boats so far this year, almost a third of the 40,000 people who have made the crossing since the beginning of January.

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Source: GB News sees evidence of up to 6,000 migrants waiting to cross Channel on small boats from France

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