During strikes, Braverman urges that the Army'secure borders' and control immigration.

During strikes, Braverman urges the Army’secure borders’ and control immigration.

Suella Braverman has asked for ‘a few hundred’ troops to cover Border Force strikes, the Daily Express has learned. Defence chiefs are yet to decide if they will accept the request from the Home Secretary.

It is understood that it will be considered over the weekend as Border Force desperately tries to avert a crisis at Britain’s borders after Public and Commercial Services union members in 126 areas of government-backed strikes.

The union has warned it will agree to a “programme of sustained industrial action” unless “substantial proposals” are received by the Government by next Friday.

Members of the armed services could be asked to process migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats, check passports at ports and airports and ensure queues are kept as short as possible.

Military and Home Office chiefs are locked in discussions about whether the Royal Navy will be responsible for the boats crossing the Channel.

“They came, helped us and took us to the shore,” he said.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama told Sky News: “I never heard an apology, which brings me to think that instead of an exaggerated expression of frustration, this was a calculated attack.

It comes as UK authorities and maritime agencies are bracing for a “significant surge” in small boat crossings this weekend amid fears of a surge in crossings over the coming days.

He said authorities on both sides of the Channel will be out in force over the next few days to deal with the expected surge.

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Source: Braverman requests Army to ‘secure borders’ and manage migrants during strikes

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