Sir Keir tells red wall voters 'Brexit is safe in my hands'

Sir Keir tells red wall voters ‘Brexit is safe in my hands’

Keir Starmer has issued a potent message to voters who deserted Labour at the last general election: “Brexit is safe in my hands.”

The party leader pledged to safeguard Britain’s future outside the EU and ruled out rejoining any of the main Brussels institutions.

He said going back to the customs union, single market or allowing the return of free movement were all off the table.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express, Sir Keir said the days when he was perceived as a Brexit blocker are over. He insisted he wants to rebuild Britain’s future as a fully independent nation.

Riding high, 20 points ahead of Rishi Sunak’s Tories in the polls, the buoyant but grounded ex-lawyer is on a mission to win back the trust of Leave voters who jumped ship in the 2019 election.

And in a further shift of party positioning, he said the shortage of skilled workers must be remedied by training Britons, and not by importing cheaper labour.

Sir Keir takes up this line of attack, saying: “We are the party of sound finances.

“He insists he is not frightened at the thought of taking power at a time when the UK confronts daunting economic challenges.

“It’s not terrifying,” he said.

“It’s a challenge we will rise to.”

Since winning the Labour leadership in 2020 he has faced three Conservative prime ministers.

If he can wipe out the Tory majority by persuading millions of Brexit voters to back a party that went into the a referendum on EU membership it will be the biggest success of his career so far.

But if he wins the honour of entering No 10 he will be taking on his toughest challenge yet.

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