'You're trying to have it both ways!' Labour's economic plans are slammed by Laura Kuenssberg.

‘You’re trying to have it both ways!’ Labour’s economic plans are slammed by Laura Kuenssberg.

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves clashed with BBC journalist Laura Kuenssberg over Labour’s plan to tackle government debt.

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves criticised the economic approach of the Conservative Government as she suggested the Labour Party would provide greater economic stability for the UK.

The news comes as Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is set to launch the Conservative’s autumn budget next week.

Despite her strong views on the Conservative management of the economy, the Shadow Chancellor confessed an incoming Labour Government would not be able to implement all of their proposed policy “as quickly as possible” given the current state of the economy.

BBC journalist Laura Kuenssberg accused the Labour MP of “trying to have it both ways” by shaming Conservative policy, yet outlining a largely similar Labour approach.

She (Labour MP) continued: “I do recognise that an incoming Labour government will not be able to do everything that we want as quickly as possible.

Ms Kuenssberg asserted the Labour Party would “not have to” take the approach the Shadow Chancellor had suggested.

Ms Reeves said: “I recognise that there are restraints on what governments can do.

“The Shadow Chancellor argued that a Labour government would make the tax system “fairer” which would generate money for “essential public services”.

The news comes as Chancellor Jeremy Hunt revealed: “We are all going to be paying a bit more in tax, I’m afraid.

The Chancellor will announce the autumn budget on November 17, which he confirmed will include “some tax rises” and cuts to public spending.

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