'Action not words!' Jenrick vows to use 'full force of law' to tackle illegal migration

‘Action not words!’ Jenrick promises to employ the “full force of law” to combat illegal migration.

The Immigration Minister said he and Home Secretary Suella Braverman are “working round the clock” to tackle the surge in illegal channel crossings.

Robert Jenrick vowed to use the “full force of the law” to tackle illegal migration, pledging “actions not words” from the Government on this issue.

He said that everyone in the Conservative party is “in agreement” about migration, adding: “We’re deeply concerned about the number of people crossing the channel.”

Earlier this month, Britain and France signed a £62million deal to curb the surge in Channel migrants.

Details of the plan came as official figures show more than 40,000 people made the deadly crossing so far this year – up from 28,526 in 2021.

The expanded agreement includes an increase in payments from London to Paris and a much closer relationship between border policing teams.

When asked if the deal is likely to be successful, Mr Longhi said: “No of course it’s not! It’s completely unsustainable and will not produce the results that we want.”

He added: “I understand why the Home Sec wants to try absolutely everything.”

A Government source hailed the deal as a “good step forward” but added: “It needs to be followed up with a broader deal.

“However, the Migrant Voice charity has described the Government’s anti-migrant policies as being “ineffective and cruel”, accusing the Government of violating “basic human rights”.

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Source: ‘Action not words!’ Jenrick vows to use ‘full force of law’ to tackle illegal migration

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