Albanian describes how he cheated the UK immigration process.

Albanian describes how he cheated the UK immigration process.

Albanians have shed light on how easy it is to enter the UK illegally for a better life with higher pay, with one explaining how he thwarted the visa system to be able to live in Britain for three years.

It comes as the Home Secretary admitted to a parliamentary committee yesterday that the Government had failed to control the country’s borders amid a massive influx of undocumented migrants.

Geri Bucr, a resident of Burrel, in central Albania, was able to use a string of cunning lies to dupe immigration officers, he claimed.

He reportedly paid £4,000 to organised criminals to obtain a “genuine” Italian passport, despite not speaking the language, and was able to fly straight to the UK.

Rather than fly directly from Milan – where his confected passport may arouse suspicions – he flew from Croatia to London.

It was just rubbish and they let me in for three years.

“I used the false Italian passport to get into the country and then claimed asylum in my own name.

“The 25-year-old told the Mail that in the UK he was able to earn ten times the amount he is able to in his Albanian hometown, provided there is work available.

Another Albanian in the town, who did not wish to disclose his name, said he had also travelled to the UK for work, using a smuggler across the Channel, before being deported in a raid by immigration officers in Oxford.

He said: “I can get to France easily because there are no visa requirements because Albania is applying to join the European Union.”

Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary, drew the ire of the Albanian Prime Minister at the start of this month, after she described the influx of Albanian migrants as an “invasion”.

Edi Rama said the UK Government should “stop discriminating” against Albanians to “excuse policy failures”.

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