Brexit is being betrayed by the immigration mess - "we were supposed to take back control!"

Brexit is being betrayed by the immigration mess – “we were supposed to take back control!”

THE RECORD number of immigrants arriving in Britain is a “betrayal” of the Brexit vote in 2016, Richard Tice has told GB News.

The former Ukip leader said Remainers were back in control of the Conservative Party and that it was now in a state of permanent decline.

The leader of Reform UK also warned the future looked “very gloomy” unless urgent change took place.

He said: “The Tory party is in, I believe, permanent decline.

“The prospects for the country, unless we have serious change, serious reform, are really, really serious and very gloomy indeed.”

Mr Tice also said immigration remained high on the agenda of most voters.

“The thing is that immigration, both lawful and illegal, is, we believe, the number one issue that people are really concerned about,” he said.

“And in that sense, it’s the ultimate betrayal of Brexit, isn’t it?”

Mr Tice’s comments come days after Nigel Farage wanted the Conservative party will be “destroyed” at the next election if it pursues a so-called Swiss-style Brexit.

It came as the Office for National Statistics confirmed that 504,000 more people came to the UK than left in the year to June this year.

The ONS also revealed that more than a million people arrived in the UK last year.

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Source: Immigration shambles is BETRAYAL of Brexit – ‘We were supposed to take back control!’

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