As he gives an economic warning on BBC QT, Ben Habib urges Hunt and Sunak 'get a grip.'

As he gives an economic warning on BBC QT, Ben Habib urges Hunt and Sunak ‘get a grip.’

Ben Habib railed against the Government’s handling of the economy, as he warned that the UK was entering a “doom-loop” that would decimate the country.

The leading businessman rebuked Conservative MP Richard Holden on BBC Question Time as he tore into Jeremy Hunt’s response to the economic crisis. Mr Habib said austerity, wage freezes, and tax rises were not the solutions to the ongoing crises facing the country.

The former Brexit Party MEP was responding to a question on whether the RMT Union’s strikes were “set on destroying Christmas or a legitimate dispute”.

However, he continued: “Liz Truss was utterly defenestrated by the Treasury and by the Bank of England.

“The only way for wages to go up, for debt to come under control, is for the economy is grow.

“We have borrowed to the hilt, taxes are as high as they can be now, and the UK is destined to enter a doom loop in the economy unless the Tories can get a grip on growth.”

Earlier this week, Rishi Sunak told his Cabinet that the UK is set for a “challenging” winter as it faces the combined impact of high energy bills, soaring inflation, public sector strikes and lengthy NHS waiting lists.

Meanwhile, senior Tory MPs have told they are “frustrated” with Rishi Sunak and the Tory leadership for ignoring their repeated warnings over the resurgence of Nigel Farage and Richard Tice’s Reform Party.

It comes as a new Techne UK tracker poll has revealed the Conservatives have now dropped to 23 points behind Labour but is losing votes to the Reform Party.

One senior Conservative backbencher told that fury over Jeremy Hunt’s tax-raising Budget last week “could be the final nail in the coffin”.

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Source: Ben Habib demands Hunt and Sunak ‘get a grip’ as he issues economic warning on BBC QT

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