Tory MPs fear the rise of Reform Party as they SURGE in polls

Tory MPs fear the rise of Reform Party as they SURGE in polls

The Reform Party has seen an increase in popularity, with a new poll suggesting both Conservative and Labour voters are considering their political options.

Tory backbenchers are now concerned that the former Conservative members heading towards Richard Tice’s Party will lead to a defeat at the next general election, with one reportedly saying: “They could kill us at the polls.”

In a poll for the Express by Techne UK, the Conservative Party continues to lose ground to Keir Starmer, but it also revealed that the Labour Party have started to drop votes to Reform.

The tracker poll shows the Conservatives have dropped 23 points behind Labour, with the Reform Party on at least 4.5 percent.

Backbench Tory MPs have told the Express they are “frustrated” with Rishi Sunak for ignoring the signs of growing support for Richard Tice.

One senior Conservative MP said the PM is not listening.

“Reform could absolutely kill us in the polls.”

They also blamed Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement, calling it the “final nail in the coffin.

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Source: Reform Party SURGE in polls heralds ‘death’ of the Tories

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