Annaliese Dodds declined seven times to declare whether Labour supports a Christmas nursing strike.

Annaliese Dodds was asked seven times whether Labour supports the nurses on strike during the christmas, as the UK faces a winter of strikes and disruption across areas.

Kevin O’Sullivan, an irritated TalkTV host, chastised the senior Labour MP for his delayed answer.

At one point, the enraged host saying: “Annaliese, it’s an easy question. Yes or no?”

The heated discussion came as nurses in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland launched the largest strike in NHS history for next month in a salary dispute.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has scheduled 12-hour walkouts on December 15 and 20. The nurses’ proposals for a salary increase were quickly denied by the government.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described the RCN’s demands, which amounted to a 19 percent or £10 billion wage increase, as “simply unaffordable.”

Labour, on the other hand, was hesitant to either applaud or criticise the nurses for the disturbance, producing the uncomfortable conversation on TalkTV.

Ms Dodds responded to Mr O’Sullivan’s first question on whether Labour backed the nurses’ strike by saying: “Obviously no-one wants to see industrial action and we have a horrendous situation for patients already.

“It is going to be very very disruptive, but no one can blame nurses.

Mr O’Sullivan repeated the question again, and the shadow minister for women skirted it once again.

This caused TalkTV’s host to respond: “Yes or no, Anneliese? It’s a pretty easy question.”

Ms Dodds responded: “No, it’s not an easy question.”

“We are in favour of negotiation, that’s what we support.” 

She added: “We have not seen the nurses balloting for industrial action in their history.”

“There is a Conservative problem here and they have got to get a grip on this, not just for nurses but patients as well.”

Source: Dithering Dodds fails to explain Labour stance on nurse strike as radio host asks 7 times

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