Ex-Tory Party chairman urges PM to stand up to rebels or risk losing power for a generation.

Ex-Tory Party chairman urges PM to stand up to rebels or risk losing power for a generation.

A former Tory chairman challenged Rishi Sunak on Wednesday night to stand up to Tory rebels who are attempting to block him from constructing additional houses, adding that failing to do so will keep the Conservatives out of power for a generation. 

Jake Berry wrote in The Telegraph that the Conservatives would not be able to win a fifth term unless they emulated Margaret Thatcher’s ideas for widespread property ownership and built more houses for younger people. 

His plea came only one day after the Prime Minister was forced to postpone long-awaited planning changes due to a mutiny by dozens of Tory backbenchers over mandated, centrally-set goals of 300,000 houses each year. 

But Downing Street insisted on sticking to the objective of 300,000 new houses every year. 

Mr Berry has advocated for a “New Deal for Housing,” involving planning changes to eliminate the need for centrally-driven objectives, and has issued the following warning: “The political stakes are high with a failure to act spelling electoral disaster for the Conservative Party for a generation.”

Mr Berry said: “Thatcher’s vision for mass home ownership seems to have slipped from an entire generation’s grasp.

“Property prices in central London are now 12 times people’s earnings and the average age of first-time buyer has increased from 28 in 1980 to 33 today with many now expecting to rent into their 40s before they can buy their own home.

“The issue of where to build more homes appears to be a difficult one for the Conservative Party to grasp.”

“This week saw the first significant rebellion of Rishi Sunak’s premiership with the Government giving way to its own backbenchers who are resisting centrally driven targets that seek to force councils to build more homes.”

“A New Deal for Housing means new homes.”

Source: Stand up to rebels or be out of power for a generation, ex-Tory Party chairman warns PM

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