Rioting commenced after Morocco's World Cup victory against Belgium in Brussels.

Rioting commenced after Morocco’s World Cup victory against Belgium in Brussels.

After Morocco’s shocking 2-0 victory over Belgium in the World Cup, riots have broken out in the centre of Belgium’s city. 

Following unrest after the game, police had to block off areas of Brussels, use water cannons, and use tear gas to disperse the masses.

Numerous rioters lit electric scooters on fire, tipped over and burnt vehicles, and pelted vehicles with rocks. According to Brussels police spokesperson Ilse Van de Keere, officers intervened after one individual sustained facial injuries.

The mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close, pleaded with football fans to avoid the city’s centre and assured them that police were making every effort to maintain law and order. On police instructions, the flow of the tram and the subway had to be stopped.

“Those are not fans, they are rioters. Moroccan fans are there to celebrate,” Mr Close said. There were also disturbances in the city of Antwerp and Liege.

Source: Riots in Brussels after Morocco beat Belgium at World Cup

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