Tony Blair's demands for Britain to implement European Union laws have been denied.

Tony Blair’s demands for Britain to implement European Union laws have been denied.

Tony Blair’s request for Britain to adopt European Union laws was rejected last night.

The former Prime Minister’s institution produced a study urging for greater relations with Brussels as well as alignment on some of the rules and regulations it produces.

However, government officials disregarded the Remainer’s office’s attempt to “fix Brexit.”

A source said: “The Labour Party have made clear their opposition to Brexit so there’s no surprises here.”

“The Prime Minister has been clear that the current Brexit deal – the Trade and a cooperation Agreement – can deliver enormous benefits for our country.”

“As he said in his CBI speech last week, under his leadership the UK will not pursue any relationship with Europe that relies on alignment with EU rules.”

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change study urges for Boris Johnson’s agreement to be “revisited.”

It recommends that a UK-wide agreement with the EU on food safety rules be established in order to resolve issues with the Northern Ireland Protocol. Ministers should be permitted to align voluntarily with aspects of the EU single market for goods.

It also recommends that a business consultation be initiated to improve the UK government’s negotiating strategy when the Trade and Cooperation Agreement is reviewed in 2025.

According to Anton Spisak, senior fellow of the institute: “Most of the British public recognise that Brexit in its current form isn’t working for anyone.”

“What has now changed for the first time since leaving the EU is that there is political space to discuss not only Brexit’s consequences but what improvements are necessary to the future relationship with the EU.”

“Our report sets out a new policy agenda to fix Brexit’s ongoing practical problems and find a new more balanced relationship with the EU.”

“With the country facing recession and the steepest decline in living standards on record, the current government should take a pragmatic approach to fixing Brexit. This is also critical to providing certainty in Northern Ireland. Failing that, it will be incumbent on the next government to pick up the pieces and deliver tangible solutions to the problems arising from Brexit.” 

Source: Tony Blair’s calls for Britain to replicate European Union laws dismissed

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