Skegness people are outraged that the government is utilising local hotels to accommodate migrants.

Skegness residents have shared their anger at local hotels being used to house asylum seekers.

Around 400 people attended a meeting on Friday last week where local Conservative MP Matt Warman answered questions from concerned locals.

Currently, there are 215 asylum seekers staying in the town. One woman said: “I’m passionate about the residents that live here. A lot of us aren’t feeling very safe.”

Another said: “We don’t know the backgrounds of these people, where they’re from, what have they done, what are they actually running away from?”

Speaking to GB News, Mr Warman said: “When they [local residents] say ‘we want to know when a hotel might stop being used’, I think it’s right that I’m honest and say ‘look I can’t give you a date right now’, What I can do is apply the maximum amount of pressure to the Home Secretary, to the Government.

“This is a situation that those people themselves say is not acceptable, we’ve got to move on from it as quickly as possible.”

East Lindsey District Council leader Craig Leyland said: “There’s a balance between what we can do locally in terms of the numbers we can support, and how that goes forward.”

Last week, the Home Secretary admitted the Government has failed to control the UK’s borders.

Suella Braverman also struggled to explain the legal routes which asylum seekers fleeing war and persecution could use to come to the UK, prompting criticism that she was “out of her depth” and did not understand her own policies.

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Source: Skegness residents in uproar at government using local hotels to house migrants

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