Health officials are said to be dealing with new Diphtheria infections at the Manston migrant processing centre, according to GB News.

A Home Office spokesperson would not comment on the reports of fresh cases of the potentially deadly disease.

Health officials are dealing with fresh cases of diphtheria at the Manston migrant processing centre in Kent, GB News has learned.

The new cases were discovered this week among the more than two thousand Channel migrants who have arrived on small boats in recent days.

Manston is only meant to support a maximum of 1,500 migrants for no more than 24 hours as they are being processed and then passed on to interim accommodation.

GB News has obtained exclusive still images from inside Manston, revealing some of the conditions those at the camp have been living in.

GB News understands that at least 6 migrants have tested positive for diphtheria and are being isolated in a separate area of the camp.

At one point this week, more than 800 people were being housed inside the camp as they were being processed.

In October, a surge in small boat crossings led to a bottleneck at Manston, with more than 4,000 people living in the camp, some for several weeks.

During the October surge, authorities dealt with 50 confirmed cases of diphtheria. Health authorities believe those testing positive for diphtheria contracted the disease before they crossed the Channel.

More than 2000 people have arrived in small boats so far this week, after a fortnight of bad weather in the Channel prevented crossings.

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Source: Health officials dealing with fresh Diphtheria cases at Manston migrant processing centre, GB News learns

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