This winter, Britain is more susceptible to blackouts, says Labour

It has been stated that the UK will be more susceptible to blackouts this winter due to the government’s delay in implementing a strategy for dealing with national crises.

According to Labour, Britain is vulnerable to power outages, future pandemics, and floods since the national resilience policy has not been made public. 

To better safeguard the United Kingdom from both domestic and international dangers, the government initiated a comprehensive review of security, defence, development, and foreign policy in March 2021. 

In order to strengthen the United Kingdom’s defences against a varied spectrum of threats, including “chronic” problems and “catastrophic impact events,” the study proposed a national resilience plan. 

Although 18 months have passed, no tangible results from the plan have been seen. The Cabinet Office had promised in October that it would be released this autumn, but that deadline has since passed without publication. 

For Labour, the integrated review had been followed by record temperatures, a crisis in the cost of living, and the possibility of energy outages in the United Kingdom. The blackout avoidance system was almost activated for the first time, National Grid said last week. 

The Shadow Treasury Secretary for the Labour Party, Fleur Anderson, has said, “The national resilience strategy was promised in the integrated review more than 18 months ago, but it appears it’s at the very bottom of ministers’ to-do lists.”

“They said it would be ready by autumn, but winter is already upon us. How many more national emergencies is it going to take for the government to wake up? They must publish their national resilience strategy without further delay.”

As an example, since the plan was promised, the position of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster has gone through five people. 

According to the Labour MP, Britain is falling behind the times because of the government’s inability to keep up with the workload of its ministers. 

A “soft underbelly” is something a nation should not have after 12 years of Tory leadership, but it is something the next Labour administration will make sure never happens again, she said. 

Labour has pledged to increase resilience via measures such as the establishment of a new national security subcommittee on the topic, a review of the COBR national emergency committee, and the strengthening of the Cabinet Office. 

According to a government insider, work on implementing the strategy’s measures has already begun in several ministries in Whitehall. However, as far as anybody knows, there is still no specific release date. 

“The first duty of any government is to keep the public safe,” the Cabinet Office stated in a statement. “That’s why we are further strengthening how we prepare for and respond to emergencies, boosting the effective resilience capability we already have in place.”

“We will shortly publish our comprehensive strategy for resilience which is already being put into practice across government. There are robust contingency plans in place to ensure that the country is ready to meet the challenges of winter and beyond.”

Source: Britain more vulnerable to blackouts this winter, warns Labour

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