If in power, Labour say they’ll  abolish House of Lords ‘as quickly as possible’

If in power, Labour say they’ll  abolish House of Lords ‘as quickly as possible’

Following a constitutional review conducted by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Mr. Starmer will consult on the size and character of the chamber.

He speculated that the change may be implemented during Labour’s first term in office, but he did not commit to a timetable.

He said on BBC Breakfast: “I think the House of Lords is indefensible. Anybody who looks at the House of Lords would struggle to say that it should be kept.

“So we want to abolish the House of Lords and replace it with an elected chamber that has a really strong mission.”

When asked how crucial this is to Labour, Sir Keir responded: “I’m very keen that all of the recommendations in the report are carried out as quickly as possible. So we will now have after today a process of consultation testing the ideas… with a view to how do we implement them?”

All of the report’s suggestions, including the one to do away with the House of Lords, according to him, are “deliberately written in a way that means they can be implemented within the first five years of a Labour government”.

According to reports, Mr. Brown has suggested creating a new upper house of nations and regions with the proper weighting assigned to the various areas of the UK.

His commission will serve as the foundation for a number of Labour proposals in the next election. More information will be provided in the ensuing weeks and months.

According to party ideas on unionism and levelling up, Sir Keir reportedly firmly agrees that a new parliament must be “completely” reflective of the whole nation.

In a November speech to Labour peers, he said that reforming the House of Lords was essential to “promoting inclusive growth and restoring trust in politics.”

“We should be rebuilding trust in politics, but this can’t just be an article of faith,” Sir Keir said. “We need to show how we will do things differently. Reforming our second chamber has to be a part of that.”

Source: Labour to abolish House of Lords ‘as quickly as possible’

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