Eddie Izzard's ambition to become a Member of Parliament FAILS as the comedian loses his campaign to be a Labour candidate.

Eddie Izzard’s ambition to become a Member of Parliament FAILS as the comedian loses his campaign to be a Labour candidate.

Eddie Izzard’s attempt to become an MP was unsuccessful as Sheffield Central Labour members decided not to support the comedian in the general election.

When local councillor Abtisam Mohamed was selected as Labour’s candidate in the South Yorkshire city, the 60-year-ambitions old’s of joining Westminster politics were destroyed.

Izzard, one of three unsuccessful candidates in the selection process, has previously talked about his gender-fluid status and wishes to be referred to the she/her pronouns.

He had previously claimed that because of his many prior links to Sheffield, he was the “right person” to represent the long-standing Labour seat.

Paul Blomfield, the current Labour MP, announced in February that he would be stepping down from Parliament at the next general election after serving for 12 years.

The campaign to become Labour’s candidate in Sheffield Central was marred by a scathing backlash that was labelled ‘transphobic’.

After Labour members declined to support the comedian as their candidate in Sheffield Central for the general election, Eddie Izzard’s attempt to become an MP has failed. Incoming Labour MP Paul Blomfield, who will retire after the next general election, congratulated Abtisam Mohamed on being selected as Labour’s candidate. 

Rosie Duffield, a Labour MP from Canterbury, threatened to leave the party at a fringe event at the party’s conference in Liverpool in September if Izzard was accepted into an all-women shortlist.

She also said: ‘Eddie Izzard is not a woman.’

After saying he wouldn’t “be following him into the toilets” if Izzard became an MP, Ashfield backbencher and Tory Lee Anderson came under fire.

In addition, he questioned if Izzard’s victory would result in a “increase or decrease” in the proportion of women in Parliament.

In reaction to the remarks, Izzard lashed out against “bullying” and “transphobic attitudes,” saying that “some people haven’t joined the 21st century.”

Izzard, a former member of the National Executive Committee of the party in power, has previously discussed running for mayor of London.

Mr. Blomfield had been backing Ms. Mohamed in her bid to represent Labour in Sheffield Central for the general election.

He expressed his “delight” last night that local party members had chosen her, and he anticipated she would become a “brilliant MP.”

With a majority of more than 27,000 votes, Mr. Blomfield won the Sheffield Central seat in the general election of 2019.

Ever since the seat was restored at the general election in 1983, Labour has controlled it.

Source: Eddie Izzard FAILS in attempt to become an MP as comic loses bid to be Labour candidate

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