ROW - Green deal supporting MPs furious as Rishi Sunak approves new coalmine

ROW – Green deal supporting MPs furious as Rishi Sunak approves new coalmine

This week, the Prime Minister has had two run-ins with opposition lawmakers, both of which resulted in his having to back down.

After his government approved the first UK coalmine in a generation, Rishi Sunak knows he is in for a fight with Conservative backbenchers. The new mine near Whitehaven, Cumbria, has been approved by the Leveling Up Secretary Michael Gove.

The decision was made despite the fact that some prominent Conservatives had voiced harsh condemnation of the proposals.

Boris Johnson, Alok Sharma, Robert Buckland, Tobias Ellwood, and Kwasi Kwarteng, all of whom served as cabinet ministers, have all come out against the proposals.

Mr. Johnson said, “I’m not in favour of more coal, let’s be absolutely clear,” when in No. 10.

Ten prominent Conservative politicians have signed a letter to the Prime Minister urging him to cancel the construction of a new coalmine.

This mine is the first of its kind to open in thirty years.

The Whitehaven facility won’t generate electricity for households, but rather coking coal for the steel sector.

The site’s approval was initially expected in 2020 but was pushed back for more examination.

Mr. Sunak’s backbenchers have given him yet another difficulty on top of the uprising he’s had over planning reform and onshore wind projects.

The prime minister had to withdraw top-down home construction objectives from his Leveling Up and Regeneration Bill on Monday.

Around sixty members of parliament (MPs) have indicated they may vote against the bill if it came to a vote in the House of Commons.

The government will no longer require local home-building quotas, but instead provide suggestions.

Mr. Gove referred to the amendments as a “sensible compromise,” saying that they would encourage municipalities to implement local development plans crafted in partnership with locals.

Last night, Mr. Sunak caved to pressure from his own lawmakers and reversed his earlier restriction on onshore wind farms.

The Richmond MP had made it clear throughout the summer Conservative leadership contest that he was against renewing David Cameron’s 2015 ban on onshore wind.

After 34 Conservatives, including Mr. Johnson and Liz Truss, signed an amendment to a Bill in favour of onshore wind, he reversed course.

On Tuesday night, the Government’s Department for Leveling Up, Housing, and Communities indicated that it will consult on how communities may give their approval to new developments.

This morning, Health Secretary Steve Barclay downplayed the U-turn, stating, “I think it’s important that we listen to colleagues, that is our parliamentary process.”

“It’s important that we do these things with local consent.”

Source: Rishi Sunak facing fresh row with Tory MPs as he approves new coalmine

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