Ngozi Fulani proposes visiting Buckingham Palace to teach the royal family on "cultural competency."

Ngozi Fulani proposes visiting Buckingham Palace to teach the royal family on “cultural competency.”

Ngozi Fulani has said that she would visit Buckingham Palace to promote “cultural competency.”

The anti-domestic abuse activist has said that she would visit the palace if it meant that anything could be done to “save lives.”

Last Monday, Ms. Fulani claimed to GB News that Lady Susan Hussey had “denied her nationality” during their meeting.

The founder of the nonprofit Sistah Space voiced her dismay at the way the late Queen’s lady in waiting treated her in an interview with Mark Longhurst of GB News.

“It’s not acceptable and although it’s uncomfortable for people to hear, trust me, it’s much more uncomfortable to be in a space and being denied your nationality until they get the answer they want.

“So I’m very clear this wasn’t somebody being curious because I’m about that, this was something different.”

As a consequence, Lady Hussey resigned, and a spokeswoman for Kensington Palace released a forceful statement that read: “Racism has no place in our society.

“The comments were unacceptable, and it is right that the individual has stepped aside with immediate effect.”

“What took place at the event is now well-documented, and sadly is something that occurs on an all too regular basis,” Ms. Fulani said in a statement made public on Monday.

“Incidents like this not only cause emotional harm to those involved but do also have wider repercussions within the community.

“I have experienced first-hand what happens when a black woman faces adversity and has to overcome additional barriers when trying to report it. This is at the heart of what we do at Sistah Space, and it has reiterated to me just how important the work we do is.

“I remain dedicated to raising awareness around cultural competency, and will go to Buckingham Palace, or anywhere else, if it will help raise positive change and save lives.

“It has been an emotional whirlwind and we now wish to take the time to pause, reflect and learn from these events.”

Source: Ngozi Fulani offers to visit Buckingham Palace to educate the royal family on ‘cultural competency’

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