Keir Starmer is a “Euro-fanatic” who “can’t be trusted” to defend British sovereignty, according to a Sir Bill Cash

Keir Starmer is a ‘Euro-fanatic’ who could destroy Brexit if voters give him the keys to Downing Street, Sir Bill Cash warned today.

The veteran Tory MP – and Chair of the European Scrutiny Committee – sent an ominous message to traditional Labour backers in red wall seats who swung behind Boris Johnson at the last election because they support Britain’s exit from the EU.

He told GB News: “I do not trust Starmer at all. He is a Euro-fanatic and so are his party.

Starmer has denied he would take Britain back into a deeper relationship with the European Union, saying in a recent interview there was “no case” for rejoining the bloc or the single market.

He has voted 48 times against Britain’s withdrawal or related legislation needed to take Britain out of the EU. And just two years after the decisive Brexit referendum, in 2018, Starmer tried to thwart the will of the British People by calling for another referendum on the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Cash added: “Labour cannot be trusted at all.”

According to YouGov, just 20 per cent of Brits think the Government is handling Brexit well. But even fewer – 18 per cent – think Labour is capable of doing a better job.

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Source: Brexit warning: Keir Starmer a ‘Euro-fanatic’ who ‘can’t be trusted’ to protect Britain’s sovereignty.

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