Sunak is warned about his "utter contempt" as a new Tory movement prepares to "take back control."

Sunak is warned about his “utter contempt” as a new Tory movement prepares to “take back control.”

The move by Lord Cruddas comes after Tory MPs put Rishi Sunak in No 10 without a ballot of ordinary members.

The new Conservative Democratic Organisation has already been compared to Momentum – the Labour group that helped Left-wingers secure their grip on the party during the Jeremy Corbyn years.

According to the campaign, rank-and-file Tories feel they are held in “utter contempt by party leaders” and that “their views count for nothing”.

The CDO will fight for a raft of reforms to “restore democracy” in the party and steer it “back to the centre-right”.

The group is drafting a new Conservative party constitution which would give local association the right to chose the parliamentary candidate.

It wants the party’s head of candidates elected annually by a vote of members.

The CDO warns that today there is a “dangerously unstable gulf between members’ views and those of their MP representatives” and claims many MPs have been selected who are not “genuine Conservatives”.

The CDO is chaired by David Campbell Bannerman, a former Ukip deputy leader who was a Conservative member of the European Parliament.

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Source: ‘Utter contempt’: Sunak put on notice as new Tory movement set to ‘take back control’

2 thoughts on “Sunak is warned about his “utter contempt” as a new Tory movement prepares to “take back control.”

  1. Someone needs to address the cause of this problem, the increase in cost of living.
    Why are things massively more expensive now, causing people to strike for more pay to bring their wages into line with their lifestyle of less than 2yrs ago.
    The party that provide a policy to reduce living costs will be elected in no time, and stay in power for a long time.

    1. Well said. At the minute, it seems their promises were words, and the opposite has happened. You can’t keep taxing those with no money.

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