Bombshell claim: Tory MP alleges a 'cover up' of evidence, stating Covid vaccine inflames heart arteries.

Bombshell claim: Tory MP alleges a ‘cover up’ of evidence that states Covid vaccine inflames heart arteries.

In a shocking claim made under the guise of parliamentary privilege, a senior member of the British Heart Foundation is accused of covering up research showing that the COVID vaccination worsens inflammation in the heart arteries.

According to Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, a top cardiologist who “has a leadership role with the British Heart Foundation” suppressed a study associating heart risks to the mRNA COVID vaccination.

The North West Leicestershire MP said on the floor of the House of Commons during a discussion on the end-of-day adjournment that concerns with the vaccination are being concealed due to financial ties to “Big Pharma.”

The nonprofit has refuted the charges.

According to Mr. Bridgen, the administration is practising “wilful blindness” in order to “guard their reputations.”

He boasted to provide “cold hard facts,” stating that since the vaccine’s introduction, there had been “nearly 500,000 yellow card reports” of negative impacts on the population.

He was “entitled to his perspective,” Health Minister Maria Caulfield said, although she disputed the assertions.

The British Heart Foundation has no awareness of these accusations, according to a spokesman for the organisation.

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