Remainer Richard Branson urges Britain to 'urgently' seek a Swiss-style deal with EU

Remainer Richard Branson urges Britain to ‘urgently’ seek a Swiss-style deal with EU

Richard Branson wants the UK to sign a Swiss-style agreement with the EU “urgently.” Post-Brexit Britain, according to arch-Remainer Branson, is currently a bad place to do business or invest.

The billionaire businessman said Britain must cut trade obstacles and red tape to “flourish.”

He recommended a partnership with Brussels comparable to Switzerland, which pays into the bloc’s budget, accepts free movement, and follows certain EU regulations for single market access.

“We have a lot of Virgin companies in Britain,” Branson told LBC. “I think as far as new money’s concerned, we would not necessarily invest new money in Britain at the moment.”

“We’re more likely to invest it in America or some other countries.

“I’ve made it no secret of my views on Brexit both before and after Britain’s referendum.

“And I think what the Government needs to do is to urgently seek a mutually beneficial relationship with the EU – it’s the world’s largest trading bloc – it needs to be at least similar to the deal Switzerland has.

“For the people of Britain and companies in Britain to flourish, Britain needs to reduce its trade barriers and reduce its red tape.

“I’m afraid Brexit’s costing Britain something like two percent GDP per year.

“When you compound that onto the other problems that Britain currently has it’s devastating and it has resulted in Britain becoming the poorest country as far as growth is concerned almost in the world.

“It really is sad to see.”

Rishi Sunak ruled out a Swiss-style EU pact last month. The PM reacted to allegations the Government was considering the move, which alarmed Brexiteers.

“I voted for Brexit, I believe in Brexit,” the PM stated at the CBI conference.

“I know that Brexit can deliver, and is already delivering, enormous benefits and opportunities for the country.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer downplayed the notion of entering the EU single market in November, but said the present trade pact was “not working well.”

Sir Keir informed business leaders, “We are not going back to the EU. That means not going back into the single market or customs union.”

“But we have to make Brexit work, the deal the Government has got us is not working well. It’s holding business back, it’s holding growth back.”