'Obsessed' Guy Verhofstadt calls Brexit a "travesty" and argues that the UK will rejoin the EU.

‘Obsessed’ Guy Verhofstadt calls Brexit a “travesty” and argues that the UK will rejoin the EU.

The United Kingdom will eventually re-join the European Union, according to Guy Verhofstadt. The Belgian MEP attacked Brexit, calling the British government’s decision to leave Brussels a “con.”

Brexit was also referred to as a “travesty” and “the elephant in the room of British politics” by Mr. Verhostadt.

He went on to say that he had “no doubt” that a “young British politician” would eventually bring the nation back into the EU.
The Belgian MEP said in a piece for The Independent: “Many in the EU, including myself, thought Brexit was a travesty for the British people.”

“We want the Brits back, but we also know there will be a special deal for London.”

“The elephant in the room of British politics is Brexit and will get larger and larger until the main parties address it.”

“I have no doubt that one day, a young British politician will slay the proverbial elephant and lead Britain back into the European family, where it belongs.”

“It is up to the British people to decide how quickly this day comes.”

However, Brexit supporters reacted negatively to Mr. Verhofstadt’s remarks.

Belinda de Lucy, a former MEP for the Brexit Party, retaliated: “I pray you find the therapy you need to overcome your obsession with the UK.”

“We know we are an incredible nation but we are more than just a cash cow to your black hole of a sovereignty-gobbling corrupt empire, we are Excalibur.”

“We will be more than fine without the EU.”

Nile Gardiner, a foreign policy specialist, said: “17.4 million Britons clearly disagreed with Guy Verhofstadt at the ballot box.”

“There is no going back to the corrupt, undemocratic and tyrannical EU.”

Presenter Martin Daubney of GB News responded to Mr. Verhofstadt’s assertion that the UK “belongs in Europe” by saying: “The UK is in Europe. It’s just not in the EU. We, the 17.4 million, made sure of that.”

“Happy to clarify, Mr Verhofstadt.”

The Belgian MEP, who served as the Brexit negotiator for the European Parliament, has been an outspoken opponent of the UK’s choice to leave the union in 2016.